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How To Choose A Right Water Bottle For Drinking?

No test strictly speaking today because it is difficult to test water bottle. But how to choose a water bottle?

Choosing A Water Bottle

This choice depends on its own needs and those of his family. If seemingly all waters are alike, some may however be against inappropriate.

Mineral water bottle should be selected based on medical history and a special plan in progress (such as sodium diet), his situation (pregnancy, lactation, adolescent, sport …) and its status minerals ( deficiency or excess, e.g. calcium).

There are 4 main criteria to look for when you want:

1. The content of bicarbonates (ions involved in the prevention of osteoporosis and help to preserve muscle mass, which tends to decrease with age.)

Some waters, those rich in bicarbonates, can fight against a phenomenon linked to the current diet: chronic acidosis.

In fact, we eat more animal protein (meat, dairy products) grain products and salt products; all these foods release acids in the body.

These acids can be neutralized by alkaline elements provided by fruits and vegetables, provided by eating enough.

But this is rarely the case, so the body is bathed as chronic acidosis, which can disrupt the acid-base balance for which we are genetically designed.

To overcome this acidosis, body draws in calcium salts in bones and muscle proteins, which may in the long term lead to osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

Bicarbonates are interesting because they can help neutralize this acidity.

Your water bottle should bring at least one bicarbonate 000mg per liter, possibly one 500mg

The most interesting waters: Quezac, Badoit and Vernière. St Yorre and Vichy Celestins are more alkalizing but they bring too much fluoride.

The flat waters are less than alcalissantes aerated waters but Evian Thonon, Valvert, Volvic, Vittel are recommended.

2. The magnesium content, a mineral important in stress management and prevention of aging;

If you need magnesium (to be determined by a professional) Your water bottle should contain at least 80 mg per liter.

Among the still water: Contrex and Hepar are recommended but are acidifying (unlike water previously cited)

Among the sparkling waters: Rozana is both alkalizing and has 160mg of magnesium, however, a bit too much salt.

Other magnesium-rich waters are alcalisantes Quézac and Badoit.

3.The calcium content, an important mineral in maintaining bone mass.

If you need calcium (to be determined by a professional (some dairy products, acidifying diet …), choose water with minimal calcium 200 mg per liter.

Among the most water rich in calcium include Hepar, Courmayeur and Contrex. But these waters are acidifying meaning it must consume enough fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Among the alkalizing waters and rich in calcium, you could choose, Rozana (but a little too much salt), Salvetat, Quézac or Vittel.

4. The levels of chlorides, nitrates and fluoride are monitored, they can pose problems when they are in excess.

A water must not provide more than 40mg chlorides, nitrates 5mg, 2.5mg fluoride.

The recommended water is so Quezac, Verniere, Badoit, Thonon, Evian.

The ideal is to vary the brands to benefit from each property.

And sure you drink? Go change your water bottle after this article?

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